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For everyone who is interested in a harmonious way of working with horses.

The philosophy of EquineMajestic

A pleasant and subtle collaboration, healthy gymnastics based on biomechanics and scientific research to create a healthy and refined training for horses!

Everything is connected, so a holistic approach gives the best results. Start today!

The Online EquineMajestic Academy!

As a member you will receive access to the Online Courses with tons of info on Behavior and Communication, Gymnastics, Mobilization exercises and Body awareness.

The setup, a step-by-step system with a variety of theory, pictures and videos, allows you to learn how to create a real collaboration and then build on that solid foundation to make your horse fitter, suple and stronger!

Discover your own potential and that of your horse!


Learning opportunities

I would like to offer you guidance so that you too can build a fantastic bond with your horse, have more fun and a real connection. Train your horse in such a way that it remains healthy both mentally and physically.

The following is possible :

Online courses

Video Coaching

3-Day Courses

Knowledge base

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