5 Pillars

Do you want a fantastic bond, unity and a flexible and powerful horse?

“Anything forced can never be beautiful”


That is why my philosophy includes 5 pillars:

Needs of the happy horse

Do you know the needs of your horse? Do you know what your horse really needs?

Horses also only have one life.
Meet the needs of your horse and all kinds of “problems” disappear like snow in the sun.

Behavior and Communication

Does your horse understand your aids? Do you understand your horse? Is there mutual trust and respect?

Harmonious collaboration with horses is a unique experience. This makes it possible for your horse to do everything on the smallest and lightest help, from a simple touch of everyday actions to dressage exercises.


Do you have a fit, flexible and strong horse?

Horses are not made to carry people. The Gymnastization and Straightening of horses must be well thought of, and above all, not rushed. That is why I prefer the Academic art of Riding based on harmony and knowledge of the biomechanics of the horse.

Mobilization Exercises

Does your horse compensate in his body?

Mobilization can ensure that problems such as: stiffness, muscle pain, tension in the muscles, connective tissue and tissue adhesions can be discovered in time and prevent your horse from compensating too much. In addition, it improves the range and muscularity.

Body awareness

Did you know that you are crooked yourself?

Much of our training is focused on the horse. Only working on our horse and not on our own body is actually not fair. We ourselves are just as stiff, crooked and out of balance as our horses.