About me

Dreams do come true!

Me as a little girl …

My name is Claudia, my passion is HORSES and I live in the Netherlands.

I was able to realize my dream by being able to spend a good part of my time with horses. With horses you keep on learning and that is the beauty of it. I keep discovering, learning and refining.

Horses have been part of my life from an early age. After riding at the riding school, lease ponies presented themselves and I was allowed to groom and ride horses from friends. Later, more ‘lease’ horses followed, from New Forrest to English thoroughbred, from dressage to western and at various addresses. Until I came across my current horse at my last ‘lease’ address and became a horse owner myself. This changed everything, because suddenly I could decide everything myself.

I wanted a real connection, but how did I get it? And I also had to take into account the biomechanics of my horse …
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My education

  • Equine Health Care Practitioner, Basic, certificate obtained (anatomy, physiology, biomechanics of the horse)
  • Advanced instructor Timeless Art Of Riding, Module 5 obtained in working in freedom, groundwork, working in hand and riding (until 2017)
  • PaardenBegrijpen 2013, certificate obtained
  • Parelli L3 / 4
  • Basic course in sports massage and mobilization and stretch techniques
  • Biomechanics course with Sharon May-Davis
  • Bachelor Human Resources, spec. psychology and coaching

Clinics and training days

  • David Lichman; 5 star Senior Parelli Instructor,
  • Anja Beran; Classical Art of riding,
  • Angela Remie; Knight in Academic Art of Riding ,
  • Perinne Coolsaet; Bent Branderup Trainer,
  • Marius Schneider, Master in Academic Art of Riding,
  • Hannah Engström, Knight in Academic Art of Riding
  • Bent Branderup, Grandmaster of Academic Art of Riding
  • Equestrian assistance in image, word and feel
  • Helmut Oberhausen, Rider at Spanish Riding School
  • Clinic Heart rate measurement and fitness training
  • Masterclass with Pat Parelli
  • Class anatomy and biomechanics of the horse, Equine studies
  • Body awareness and release for horses, Lucie Klaassen
  • Balance of the horse, lecture by Karel de Lange

My own development

My own development is very important to me and, as stated, remains a constant point of attention. I take lessons from, among others, Marius Schneider and I also follow courses and I visit various clinics and courses every year to further expand my knowledge.