Why use a cavesson?

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In the classical / academic art of riding the cavesson has been used as a tool for training the horse for centuries (ao by Francois Robichon de la Guérinière). In fact the cavesson is mainly used for the basic training (of the young horse), but it can also be used very well for horses that have been ridden or have to be re-trained.

What is an academic cavesson?

The academic cavesson is made of supple leather and in the noseband (made of thick but supple leather) is a flexible metal chain which ensures that the noseband forms well around the nose. There are also three movable rings on the noseband. Furthermore, a jaw strap is attached to the cheek pieces so that they cannot slide too much.

Once the basic exercises are confirmed, the cavesson can also be integrated into a bridle and possibly be used in combination with a bit (usually a kandare).

Advantages compared to other various headpieces

  • Provides bend throughout the horse via the nose bridge because the nose bridge is in direct connection with the skull, which is connected to the cervical vertebrae and the rest of the spine.
  • Saves the horse’s sensitive mouth
  • Faster relaxation of the jaw and therefore also of the neck
  • Used for lunging, work in hand and riding
  • Makes correct forward downward possible with pressure exerted. With a bit often ensures a main posture behind the vertical (curling up)

How to fit

Put the cavesson on as a bridle. Make sure the noseband is about 2 to 3 fingers under the cheekbone and fasten the noseband so that it is not too tight, but tight enough so that the noseband cannot slide too much. Fix the jaw strap in such a way that it prevents the cheek pieces from being pulled into the eyes of the horse.

The horse’s nose is also a very sensitive part of the horse. So always handle with caution!

Variations of the cavesson

  • Viennese cavesson (without metal in the noseband). This is also often used in combination with the kandare
  • Spanish cavesson (metal nose bar made of 1 piece covered with supple leather)
  • Serreta (metal nose band without cover). Has a very strong effect..

Personally I would mainly use the Viennese cavesson because the other variants have too strong effect on the sensitive noses of horse. If your training is good, you don’t need the use of a stronger aid.

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