LFS on the circle

Before you start this exercise It is important that the Basic Communication with your horse is good, so that you understand the horse and the horse understands you (see Basic groundwork exercises).

And your horse need to be familiar with Step 1 and 2:

Step 1 Working of the cavesson

Step 2 Stelling and Bending in Standstill

The Third Step

If these two exercises are well learned, then we can continue with the next exercise. Three aspects come together in this exercise, namely the Lateral bending, Forward-downward and the Stepping under.

The horse is asked to walk in the correct bending on both sides. This causes the muscles on the inside to contract and the muscles on the outside to stretch. The horse also strains the abdominal muscles, uses the back in a correct way, causing the neck and head to sink and the horse to walk forward downwards. This also allows the inner hip of the horse to come forward a little, which means that the inner hind leg can step below the center of gravity (stepping under). Only then is the hindleg able to bend and carry more weight.

Due to the crookedness of the horse (see gymnastics) it is difficult for the horse to make the correct bend in his body. As a result, the horse loses balance, the legs are unevenly loaded and therefore the back and neck are tightened incorrectly. It is often not unwillingnes for the horse to turn a circle into an egg or suddenly accelerate…, the body usually just does not really cooperate yet and we must help the horse with this instead of making it even more difficult.

Give the horse time and practice, especially in the beginning, not too long (max 10 min). The muscles need time to become stronger. It is also advisable to first teach the horse from the ground to walk a good even circle.

By first learning the circle in hand and right next to the horse, the horse can also hold this later with more distance and one can also lunge the horse correctly.

Are you curious how you too can teach this to your horse?

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