Half pass

Before you start this exercise it is important that the Basic Communication with your horse is good, so that you understand the horse and the horse understands you (see Basic groundwork exercises).


Your horse needs to be familiar with the previous 7 steps / exercises and to master this for 3/4:

Step 1 Working of the cavesson

Step 2 Stelling and Bending in Standstill

Step 3 LFS on the circle

Step 4 Straight with Bending

Step 5 Shoulder in

Step 6 Haunches in/Travers

Step 7 Renvers

Step Eight

Through the Renvers exercise the horse has learned to walk on his own legs without having support form the wall, which greatly improves the balance. If you and your horse master this well, you can continue.

You can do this by working on the exercise half pass. The half pass is a renvers or a travers on the diagonal. The horse moves sideways but also forward and the head is set in the direction the horse is going. Because you perform the exercise on the diagonal, the horse no longer has any support from the wall and the horse must walk well on its own legs and be on the aids.

Benefits for the body

  • Half pass actually has the same gymnastic effect / benefits for the body as the Travers / Renvers.
  • Both shoulders of the horse can move more freely. This is because in this exercise, the horse learns to put the inside hind leg more under the center of gravity and also learns to put the outside hind leg more under the center of gravity. Alternately more weight is distrubted on both hind legs. This is because the horse moves on the diagonal.

Are you curious how you too can teach this to your horse?

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