I would like to straighten my horse, but how do I start?

Fortunately, more and more people realize that in order to be able to keep riding a horse without injury, it is important to take the body of the horse into account.

This is not meant to carry a rider and many riders often only really realize this when problems occur such as horses that lose their motivation for work or worse, get injured.

The solution is dressage in the form of exercises that “straighten” the muscles of the horse and make it stronger.

Straightening consists of exercises that make the horse’s muscles stronger, which reduces crookedness/weaknesses and makes it easier for the horse to distribute its weight over four legs.

The first step

The basic communication with your horse must be good, so that you understand the horse and the horse you (see Basic Groundwork Exercises). If this is confirmed you can further familiarize the horse with the working of the (academic) cavesson. In fact, this is also part of the basic communication.

It is important that the horse learns this exercise, and therefore the functioning of the cavesal, well, because the use of the cavesson will always return in the following exercises.

In this basic ground exercise we teach the horse to lower its neck and head in a forward-down direction with the help of the cavesson. We have to pay attention that we ask the head and neck to go down until the lower neck of the horse is relaxed and the nose stays in front of the vertical.

If you can perform this exercise with asking light pressure on your horse, then you have taken the first (supported) step in the “training” and straitening of your horse!

Are you curious how you too can teach this to your horse?

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