What you achieve with Basic communication

I’ll hope you have learned some more about the behavior of horses through the previous lessons. In this lesson I like to explain some more what you can achieve by having a good basic communication with your horse.

Having a good basic communication makes the possibilities endless and your dreams with your horse within reach. It is an absolute asset for the rest of your “horse life”. It ensures a harmonious collaboration with horses and that is a unique experience.

This makes it possible for your horse to do everything on the smallest and lightest aid, from a simple touch of everyday actions to dressage exercises.

People have asked me: It certainly takes a long time to get a Basic communication with your horse?

And I say: It does not take long to have a good basic language with your horse. It mainly depends on YOURSELF and how consistent and tenacious you are to learn it.

No one else can do it for you except you. I can give you a lot of info, but if you don’t look at it thoroughly, practice, make mistakes, look for solutions and focus on improving your own behavior and development, you won’t get any further.

Everyone can learn it, but not everyone is determined to learn it. Check back regularly with what you started and you will see that you are moving forward.

In the video below you see me with traininghorse Beau after 1.5 weeks of training in which I have practiced every day for about 15 minutes.

So far the information about what you can achieve with basis communication.

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