Adaptation to the horse

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We aren’t horses, but people and we will never look like a horse. No matter how well we try …

Adaptation to the horse

The horse is fine as it is. If we humans want to work together with the horse, we are the ones who need to understand the horse and we will have to find ways to deal with the horse properly.

The difference between man and horse is a big one. Because of these differences, horses can react very differently to situations than people do. It is up to us to understand this and to bridge the gap!

How do you do that? By really be interested in the creature ‘horse’. The horse has been on this planet for millions of years and is in fact a perfect prey animal. This immediately says something about the characteristics, needs and instincts of the horse.

Do you have problems with your horse? For example, does he bite, being dominant or easily anxious? First check whether you meet all the needs of your horse. That alone solves so many problems.

More information about the different needs of your horse can be found here.

In addition, you do well to find the solution in yourself. Perhaps a small adjustment in your approach to your horse already makes a big difference.

But YOU are well on your way, because you have taken the first step by viewing this course!