Everyone can have a MAJESTIC horse!

I would like to give you the information and the tools to get started. Whether you start with horses, have years of experience or are even a professional.
It is not only a lot safer, but also a lot more fun, for your horse too!

A refined collaboration and healthy gymnastics based on biomechanics and scientific research in order to achieve sustainable training!

What is it about?

+ Access to Online Courses (basic groundwork all the way up to pirouette)

+ Body awareness

+ Knowledge base

What not….

Bonus video’s | Community pages or groups | Live seminars with bla bla | Quick fix

What is included ->

Access to a growing environment | Information based on years of experience and knowledge | Set up in a structured way | Knowledge & skill tests | Easy track of progress | Certificates | Accessible on multiple devices | Guidance via video coaching if necessary

Online Courses

Develop a real connection!

This makes it possible to train your horse from the ground on the smallest
and lightest aid, from a simple touch, to
everyday handeling up to
dressage exercises.

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Make your horse flexible, supple and strong

Through gymnastic exercises from the ground, you can let your horse move in optimal balance for a strong, flexible, healthy
body and a motivated mind!

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Learn to collect your horse!

Trough gymnastic exercises from the ground, you can let your horse move from a natural balance to a riding balance and further develop the carrying capacity of the hindquarters.

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Work in progress

When translation is finished you also can access the following content:

Mobilization exercises

To determine if your horse is compansating and to improve the reach of your horse.

Body Awareness

Exercises to improve your OWN balance and posture.

Knowledge Base

Access to all protected articles, with interesting information in various areas.


A growing environment where more information, knowledge and experience is shared in a basic structured way.

Videos with examples of the excercises

Professional learning software without distractions

Quizzes to test your knowledge

What people are saying

This concept comes from my dutch website and is a hit! Currently I’m bussy translating the content in English so not only dutchies, but people and horses around the world can benefit from it.

By Linda Janssen (The Netherlands):
“The price / quality ratio is super! You often pay hundreds of euros for these types of online modules, but now I could easily give it a try and I am happy with it ”

By Rebecca de Hoon (The Netherlands):
I have been following the online course for a few weeks. There is a nice and especially logical structure in the course that you can use to work with your horse step by step. A clear explanation with video material makes it visually easy to understand. I can already see that my horse is growing mentally and physically literally! Not only during “work” but also in freedom with his friends. It is great fun and above all very educational to apply what you have learned in practice. A beautiful journey that we are allowed to make! I recommend that everyone deal with his horse in this way”.

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It is my mission to make horse friendly and healthy training available for everyone!

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