Needs of the happy horse

Do you know what your horse really needs?

A nice stable, a warm blanket, leg protectors, a clean and cut horse body. Things that your horse does not actually ask for. Although many people think so.

Not meeting the needs of the horse always leads to problems. Physical problems and behavioral problems, simply because a horse is a horse with associated needs.

So if you experience behavioral problems with your horse, then it’s best to first check whether you meet the following needs of your horse:

  • your horse always has enough roughage (not> 5 hours without) and plenty of fresh water
  • has the space to move and run most of the day!
  • in a herd or at least with 1 other horse / pony
  • can rest, can roll and has a safe environment
  • receive timely and good medical assistance and good care is taken for his or her health
  • as little stress as possible
  • has an owner who listens! Your horse may not be able to talk, but still tell you a lot! The trick is only to understand what your horse wants to make clear to you and you will have to learn that yourself.

When you follow the guidelines above, I can guarantee that the behavior problem of your horse will be solved this way!

But even when your horse does not (yet) have a behavioral problem, you are very good at meeting the above needs.