Online Course Gymnastics Advanced

Make your horse even MORE fitter, flexible and stronger!

Gymnastics Advanced

Learn to collect your horse!

By means of gymnastic exercises, let your horse move from a natural balance to a collective balance and let your move proud and majestic.

Course Content


Continue to refine and strengthen your horse from the ground in a constructive order

Learn the 3 keys to naturally collect your horse

Determine the weaknesses of your horse

Learn more about differentie positions, tempi and training in liberty

Prepare your horse further for performing advanced gymnastics exercises under the saddle

In 5 steps to a real athlete

→ 5 modules

Explanation of the different training positions | Train horses better and faster | 5 Gymnastics Exercises | Trot exercises |Training in liberty

→ 5 exercises

Shouder in | Haunches in | Renvers | Half pass | Pirouette

→ Videos with explanation

→ Smartphone proof

→ Dealing with pitfalls, points for attention and extra Tips!

For everyone…

It is also possible for you to get more out of working with your horse. Perhaps more than you could ever have dreamed. So good that you are viewing this. This course is in fact the continuation of the Basic communication course and the Gymnastics Basic course and gives you and your horse comprehensive tools to further refine the Gymnastics from the ground and
to bring the horse’s center of gravity back from the fragile front to the stronger back.

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