Online Course Gymnastics Basic

Make your horse fit, flexible and strong!

Gymnastics Basic

Develop the body of your horse

By means of gymnastic exercises, let your horse move in optimal balance for a strong, flexible, healthy body and a motivated mind!

Course Content


To better understand the anatomy and biomechanics of the horse

Learn the recognize the crookedness and weaknesses of your horse

Determine the weaknesses of your horse

Solve problems under the saddle!

Work from the ground in a constructive order on straightening and strengthening your horse

In 6 steps to a better moving horse

→ 6 modules

Horse anatomy and biomechanics | Natural crookedness | 7 Basic Gymnastics Exercises | Achieve more progress | Lunging
Ready for Gymnastics Advanced …

→ 7 exercises

Leading the horse in balance | Backwards | Head and neck low | Stelling and bending in standing | The circle | Enlarge and reduce circles | Straight with bending

→ Videos with explanation

→ Smartphone proof

→ Dealing with pitfalls, points for attention and extra Tips!

For everyone…

It is also possible for you to get more out of working with your horse. Perhaps more than you could ever have dreamed. So good that you are viewing this. This course is in fact the continuation of the Basic communication course and gives you and your horse extensive tools to get started with Gymnastics from the ground up. Or when you are already working on achieving more results.

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