Stelling and bending exercise when standing still

Before you start this exercise, it is important that the Basic Communication with your horse is good, so that you understand the horse and the horse understands you (see Basic groundwork exercises).

And the horse should be familiar with Step 1, the functioning of the cavesson.

The Second Step

If the first exercise is well learned, then we can continue with the following, namely to ask the horse to stand still and to bend both sides of the body evenly while standing still. This is important for learning to tighten and relax the muscles on both sides. We first ask this in a standstill because this is easier than in motion.

Stelling = is very locally the position of the head of the horse in relation to the 2nd / 3rd cervical vertebra

Bending = is the even bending of the rest of the spine. From the 3rd cervical vertebra to the tail vertebrae. Stelling and bending together = from head to tail a bended horse

With correct bending of the entire spine, the hip on the hollow side (the side in which the head is placed) comes forward a bit. You will also see that the manes ‘shifts’  to the hollow side.

Are you curious how you too can teach this to your horse?

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