Straight with bending

Before you start this exercise it is important that the Basic Communication with your horse is good, so that you understand the horse and the horse understands you (see Basic groundwork exercises).

And your horse needs to be familiar with Step 1, 2 and 3 and to master this exercise.

Step 1 Working of the cavesson

Step 2 Stelling and Bending in Standstill

Step 3 LFS on the circle

The Fourth Step

In this exercise the horse is taught to move in a straight line with the correct lateral bend of the body and with relaxation.

The horse’s hindquarters are wider than the forehand. The horse naturally has a tendency to seek support, for example on the wall of the arena. When the horse then moves straight over the track.. it is moving crooked.

Moving crooked in this way is disadvantageous because:

  • The horse loses its balance and uses its body incorrectly and is therefore overloaded faster (more compensation in the body)
  • The inner hind leg then carries no weight (weight of the horse’s hindquarters), because it is put outside the body mass.
  • Only when a hind leg carries weight, can the horse’s balance be shifted backwards instead of to the fragile front of the horse
  • The horse cannot get “on the outside rein” and the crookedness only gets worse because the forehand and hindquarters are not aligned correctly

By first learning this in hand next to the horse, the horse learns to react sensibly to the inner rein. In addition, the horse can also do this later with a rider on his back and it is also a preparation for the shoulder-in- exercise.

Are you curious how you too can teach this to your horse?

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