What if… help with challenges

What if the horse would not want to lower his head

One hand asks for a light pressure on the middle ring to lower the head while you give a treat with your other hand. As soon as the horse wants to grab the candy and lower his head a little, release the pressure on the barber immediately.

The horse lowers its head for a moment and then immediately raises it again

This is very common in the learning phase. It is best to let this happen for the first few times. Your horse brings its head down and you immediately reward that, even though the head then goes up immediately. The horse does what you ask for. After that you hold the horse for a moment when it wants to come up with the head and as soon as the horse yields at that moment and therefore holds the head in that position for a moment, you reward the horse and that’s how you build it up for longer periods of time.

The horse always takes a step forward

The balance is still difficult. Ask the head down a little, not too deeply, because then it is more difficult to keep the balance. The head is heavy, the deeper you ask, the harder the horse can keep its balance.

Always ask the horse to take a step back the moment it steps forward, otherwise the principle of being in balance and dividing the balance between 4 legs is lost.

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