What if….help with challenges

Your horse does not respond to the pressure you apply despite that you use phase 4

Your phase 4 is probably not yet phase 4 for your horse. The horse really feels you, but sees no need to respond. Build the phases even better and make sure you don’t go too fast. If necessary, count aloud when building up the pressure. So give your horse a good opportunity to respond. As soon as your horse responds, always reward. Anyway by mainly relieving the pressure (as if you were burning your hand) and then by stroking your horse, speaking positively or possibly giving a piece of carrot or something like that.

Your horse reponds too quickly and moves away from you.

The opposite of not responding is actually reacting too quickly. The horse makes an assumption of what is to come. Make it not too predictable and, for example, alternate well with pressure with touching, basic exercise 1. Also pay attention to your own posture.

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